Evolution discussion group

Welcome to the Evolution Discussion Group (EDG) at the Zoology Department of the University of British Columbia.

We meet at 12:00 noon on Fridays in Biodiversity room 224 (the big meeting room on the second floor). Our purpose is to discuss recent research papers in evolutionary biology.

All graduate students, postdocs, and faculty interested in evolutionary biology are welcome. Feel free to bring your lunch.

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Paper choosers: Please avoid selecting papers from Nature, Science, and PNAS.

Current schedule

Date Presenter Paper
10 Jan Greg Owens Gompert 2013 Experimental evidence for ecological selection on genome variation in the wild. Ecology Letters.
17 Jan Sally Otto Jones 2013 Revisiting Darwin’s conundrum reveals a twist on the relationship between phylogenetic distance and invasibility
24 Jan Sebastien Renaut Pespeni_2013Evolutionary change during experimental ocean acidification. PNAS
31 Jan Kieran Samuk Anderson_2014 Ecological and Mutation-Order Speciation in Digital Organisms. Am. Nat.
7 Feb Elizabeth Kleynhans Gomez_2013 Real-time microbial adaptive diversification in soild. Ecology Letters.
14 Feb Kim Gilbert Bridle_2013 Evolution on the move: specialization on widespread resources associated with rapid range expansion in response to climate change. Proc. Roc. Soc.
21 Feb Winter Break -No EDG
28 Feb Chris Muir Anderson_2014 Strong selection genome-wide enhances fitness trade-offs across environments and episodes of selection. Evolution
7 Mar Nick Barton Barton_1989 Evolutionary quantitative genetics: How little do we know? Annu. Rev. Genetics 1989
14 Mar Jasmine Ono Fishman_2013 Chromosomal rearrangements and the genetics of reproductive barriers in mimmulus (monkey flowers). Evolution
21 Mar Armando Geraldes Yoshida_2014 Sex Chromosome Turnover Contributes to Genomic Divergence between Incipient Stickleback Species. PloS Genetics.
28 Mar Diana Rennison Harpur_2014 Population genomics of the honey bee reveals strong signatures of positive selection on worker traits. PNAS.
4 Apr Kate Ostevik Luksza_2014 A predictive fitness model for influenza. Nature.

Suggested Papers

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