Biodiversity Legendary Internal Seminar Series (BLISS)

Fall - 2020

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Sept 11 Nicole Balsdon Virtual Resources: teaching, learning, research, and recreation with the Beaty Biodiversity Museum Education & Outreach Coordinator, Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Sept 18
Sept 25 Genevičve Lajoie Ecological and evolutionary perspectives on microbial community assembly in the phyllosphere (and elsewhere) Hakai Postdoctoral Fellow
Oct 2 Antonin Machac Evolution of diversity across scales UBC Postdoctoral Fellow
Oct 9 Alexia Constantinou Of Mice and Moose: Small and Large Mammal Responses to a Gradient of Forest Harvesting Treatments MSc Student, Wildlife Coexistence Lab & Belowground Ecology Group
Oct 16 Jared Grummer and the Whitlock research group The fitness and genomic consequences of assisted gene flow UBC Postdoctoral Fellow
Oct 23 Carla Di Filippo Nutrients in a changing world: Testing the effects of temperature on nutrient quality, quantity, and trophic cascades in food webs MSc student
Oct 30 Melody Salehzadeh and Jordan Hamden Local glucocorticoid production in the nervous and immune systems PhD Candidates in the Soma lab
Nov 6 Kyle Shanebeck What doesn't kill you, may not make you stronger: sub-lethal fitness effects of parasitic helminth infection in mammals PhD Candidate
Nov 13 Luis Camacho  Macroecological patterns of biotic interactions and their consequences in prey communities PhD Candidate
Nov 20 Kaleigh Davis, Julian Idrobo, and Mary O'Connor Macroecological patterns of biotic interactions and their consequences in prey communities
Nov 27 Wildlife Coexistence lab (Cole Burton research group) Camera trapping for human-wildlife coexistence: emerging insights and opportunities
Dec 4 Rassim Khelifa SNSF postdoctoral fellow
Dec 11 Tom Booker Thinking about recombination rate variation when looking for interesting patterns in the genome UBC Postdoctoral Fellow
Dec 18 Tess Grainger Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of invaded communities BRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Sept 6 Amandine Sabadel Stable isotopes of amino acids in food webs: theory and applications Research Fellow at the Department of Marine Science - Otago University
Sept 13 Tom Booker Global adaptation confounds the search for local adaptation UBC PostDoctoral Fellow
Sept 20 Chris Beirne Using remote sensing to shed light on the ecology and behaviour of forest elephants UBC PostDoctoral Fellow
Sept 27 Global Climate Strike!
Oct 4 Tom Nelson The forces that structure genetic variation among populations and species PostDoctoral Fellow at University of Montana
Oct 11 Ross Whippo In search of Antarctica's seaweed forests PhD student at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
Oct 18 Lesley Miller Improving Access to Biodiversity Data in Metro Vancouver Fellow in the Data Science for Social Good program with the UBC Data Science Institute
Oct 25 Go to Eco-Evo Retreat!
Nov 1 Nicole Balsdon and Karen Needham Behind-the-Scenes with the Beaty Museum Education & Outreach Coordinator and Curator of the Spencer Entomological Collection - Beaty Museum
Nov 8 Alyssa Gehman Variation in host response to sea star wasting disease in the central BC coast UBC and Hakai Institute PostDoctoral Fellow
Nov 15 Alejandra Echeverri Iconic Manakins and Despicable Grackles: Which traits make birds prone to be liked or disliked by people? Applied Research Coordinator, Climate Crisis in Urban Biodiversity (CCUB) | SEEDS Sustainability Program
Nov 22 Alex Yeung Hear the voices of future: a review of ecosystem change projections in boreal Canada by 2050 PhD, UBC
Nov 29 Tom Givnish The Green Empire strikes back: ecology and evolution of carnivorous plants Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dec 6 NO BLISS - go to Huts :)
Dec 13 No speaker Holiday break :)

Winter/Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Jan 11 Nina Morrell, Julian Heavyside, Emily Adamczyk, Sarah Harper 1. Identifying riparian and wetland ecological values in British Columbia using GIS.
2. Ecology, traditional indigenous fisheries management, and youth engagement in science and culture.
3. Kelp forest restoration in Gwaii Haanas, Haida Gwaii
4. Who owns fishing licences in BC?
BRITE interns, UBC
Jan 18
Jan 25 Jungsoo Park Phycospheric bacterial engineering for the better biomass productivity of microalgae and future research on endophytes PhD student, Parfrey lab
Feb 1
Feb 8 Nate Cathcart How fish navigate cryptic legacies of water development in the American Southwest Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game
Feb 15
Feb 22
Mar 1 Zoe Panchen Arctic plant phenology: climate change impacts and responses W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellow in Northern Research, UBC
Mar 8 Smudge and Jeannette Whitton The case for good dogs in the workplace, or how I earned my Ph.Dog and you should too. Prof, BRC
Mar 15 Dr. Gideon Mordecai Emerging viruses of Salmon in British Columbia Postdoc, Suttle lab
Mar 22 Silu Wang Glacial legacy effects on hybridization and speciation PhD candidate, Irwin lab
Mar 29 Melissa Guzman Trophic metacommunities: lessons from studying bromeliads PhD candidate, Srivastava lab
Apr 5 No speaker this week
Apr 12 Dan Greenberg TBA PhD candidate, Arne Mooers/Palen lab
Apr 19 Holiday
Apr 26 Grad symposium! No speaker this week

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Sept 14 Hannah Visty, Patrick Burke, Emily Stump TBA BRITE interns, UBC
Sept 21 Prof. Julie Allen Untangling the Web of Vertebrate-Louse-Endosymbiont Coevolution: An Evolutionary Bioinformatic approach University of Nevada-Reno
Sept 28 Nicole Balsdon, Philippe Roberge Communicating your Research with the Beaty Museum Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Oct 5 Dr. Emily Warschefsky The evolution and domestication of the mango genus (Mangifera) Postdoc, Rieseberg lab
Oct 12
Oct 19
Oct 26 Eco-Evo retreat
Nov 2. Beaty Museum auditorium Dr. Michael Betancourt Scalable Bayesian Inference with Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Applied Statistician
Nov 9 Prof. Margie Mayfield Adding complexity to fitness models: a step towards improving our ability to predict coexistence and diversity patterns at local scales Professor, University of Queensland
Nov 16 Dr. Dan Morris Computer vision challenges in wildlife conservation Microsoft researcher, Artificial Intelligence for Earth
Nov 23 Dr. Allison Mann TBA Postdoc, Parfrey lab
Nov 30 Huts

Winter/Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Jan 5 Norah Brown Exit seminar Zoology, PhD candidate
Jan 12 BRITE interns Dr. Paige Olmsted, Patrick Burke, Dr. Ruth Sharpe Show Me the Money? Social Finance for Conservation. Bioacoustic Monitoring in a Biodiversity Hotspot. Education and Outreach at The Vancouver Aquarium UBC
Jan 19 Dr Daniel Anstett Latitudinal gradients in herbivory and plant defence Postdoc, Angert lab
Jan 26 Dr Claire Ruffing-Cathcart Understanding Temporal Variability in Stream Ecosystems Postdoc, Richardson lab
Feb 2 Dr Matthew Mitchell Managing human-dominated systems for nature and people: the importance of landscape structure Postdoc, IRES
Feb 9 Christoph Deeg Parasites of heterotrophic protists: Giant viruses and tiny bacteria PhD candidate, Suttle lab
Feb 16 Dr. Bianca Trevizan Microbial taxa exhibit distinct biogeographic patterns depending on how rare they are Postdoc, Parfrey lab
Feb 23 Reading break
Mar 2 (15:30-17:00), Beaty Museum auditorium Invited speakers: Dr. Andrea MacLeod, Dr. Aria Hahn, M.Sc. Christianne Wilhelmson Career paths outside academia Nature Trust BC, ECOSCOPE and Koonkie Cloud Services, Georgia Strait Alliance
Mar 9 Laura Borden Persistence and recovery potential of the kelp Neoagarum fimbriatum under increased grazer pressure MSc Candidate, Botany
Mar 16 Dr. Jared Grummer Scaly, temperate beasts: evolutionary history of Argentinean lizards, and population genomics and adaptation of BC rainbow trout Postdoc, Zoology
Mar 23 Prof. Jason Weir Speciation in Amazonian birds and the origins of the latitudinal diversity gradient Associate Professor, U of Toronto
Mar 30 Holiday
Apr 6 ZGSA symposium
Apr 13
Apr 20 Matthew Miles Osmond Evolutionary rescue: integrating ecological and evolutionary theory PhD candidate, Zoology
Apr 27
May 4 Dr. Jan Finke Environmental variables shape phytoplankton virus communities Postdoc, Suttle lab

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Sep 15 BRITE interns Dr Alys Granados, Jasmine Ono, Natalie Westwood The consequences of clear-cut logging for coastal temperate rainforests on Vancouver Island. Investigating the stability of hybrid beer yeast over multiple re-pitches. From the ground up: creating a long-term biodiversity monitoring program. UBC
Sep 22 Dr Florent Mazel The evolution of mammals and their gut microbiota UBC postdoc
Sep 29 Prof Arturo Elosegi Effects of global change on streams: from individual behavior to ecosystem functioning Visiting faculty, Basque University
Oct 6 Dr Pirmin Nietlisbach Inbreeding depression and heterozygosity-fitness correlations in simulations and in the wild UBC postdoc, Whitlock lab
Oct 13 (AERL 120) Prof. Jonathan Levine Understanding species' responses to climate change: the need for population and community ecology ETH Zürich
Oct 20 Dr. David Shiffman The role of modern communication technology in ocean science and conservation Liber Ero postdoc, SFU
Oct 27 Beaty Biodiversity Museum Mini-Workshop: Communicating your Science with the Beaty Museum (workshop material here) Museum
Nov 3 no BLISS, due to EcoEvo retreat
Nov 10 Dr. Matt Whalen Effects of small-scale environmental heterogeneity on development of rocky intertidal communities Postdoc, Martone & O'Connor labs
Nov 17
Nov 24 Prof. Raul Suarez History, social institutions and the Philippine biodiversity crisis Zoology

Winter/Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title Lab
Jan 16 Dr. Jennifer Sunday The ecology of species distributions: testing our understanding across scales Postdoctoral fellow
Jan 23 Alys Granados Ecological effects of disrupting plant-animal interactions (PhD exit seminar) Brodie lab
Jan 30 Dr. Claire Fortunel Functional trait differences and the mechanisms structuring diverse communities UCLA
Feb 6 Kat Anderson Algal-herbivore interactions in a high CO2 world: lessons from different ecological scales Harley lab
Feb 13 Family day -- --
Feb 20 Reading week -- --
Feb 27 Dr. Alyssa Gehman Community interaction & environmental drivers of marine host-parasite dynamics Harley lab
Mar 6 Dr Holly Moeller Trade, Borrow, or Steal: Acquired metabolism in community ecology Biodiversity postdoc
Mar 13 Colin Mahony A closer look at novel climates: Trajectories of climate change beyond North America’s climatic boundaries Aitken lab
Mar 20 Dr Tiffany Stephens Exploring patterns in enzyme activity for the carbon and nitrogen metabolism of 39 seaweeds Martone lab, Fisheries
Mar 27 Dr. Martha Nelson-Flower In line to the throne: queues for dominance in a social bird Arcese lab
Apr 3 Marybel Soto Gomez
Micah Scholer
Adrian Semmelink
BRITE Interns Biodiversity Research Centre
Apr 10 Dr. Walden Kwong The bee microbiome: a new model system Keeling lab
Apr 17 Statutory holiday -- --
Apr 24 Joey Bernhardt Causes and consequences of nutritional diversity in aquatic food webs O'Connor lab

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title Lab
Sep 12 Prof Isla Myers-Smith Arctic ecology in a warming world University of Edinburgh
Sep 19 Dr Giulio Valentino Dalla Riva Tree and leaf: on the evolution of cultural and natural networks Dobeli lab
Sep 26 Dr Rachel Germain Historical contingencies in the ecology and evolution of species diversity Biodiversity Postdoc
Oct 3 Dr Devin Arbuthnott Mate choice, sexual selection, and adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster Whitlock & Schluter labs
Oct 10 Thanksgiving -- --
Oct 17 Kim Gilbert Understanding local adaptation and effective population size in the face of complex demographic history Whitlock lab
Oct 24 Prof Tony Sinclair The future of conservation: lessons from long term research and the need for rewilding Zoology
Oct 31 Dr. Alex Little (Comparative Physiology search) Regulators of Plasticity: molecular fitness determinants in changing environments Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami
Nov 7 Dr. Paula Duarte Guterman (Comparative Physiology search) Comparative physiology of sex steroids: from development to brain function Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, UBC
Nov 14 Beaty Biodiversity Museum What's new at the museum Museum
Nov 21 Prof Sally Aitken Do phenotypes and population genomics paint the same picture of adaptation to climate in conifers? Forestry
Nov 28 Jasmine Ono Genetics of adaptation in experimental yeast populations (PhD exit seminar) Otto lab
Dec 5 Dr Edward Gregr Sea Otters, kelp forests, and ecosystem services: modelling habitats, uncertainties, and trade-offs Chan lab
Dec 12 I: Advanced Research Computing
II: BRITE intern John Lee
I: ARC & Compute Canada at UBC
II: The importance of agricultural biodiversity

Winter/Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title Lab
Jan 18 Emilie Stump Red List Assessments of Marine Pufferfishes (Tetraodontidae) Vincient Lab
Jan 25 Speak Up! Community-Building with Respect LOCATION room 224 BRC, 12-1:30 RSVP BRC and Botany
Feb 1 Ron Long The Unmatched Biodiversity of Pink Mountain --
Feb 8 Family Day -- --
Feb 15 Reading Week -- --
Feb 22 Taku Demura A tale of the evolution and revolution of water-conducting systems in land plants Botany, Peter Wall Institute
Feb 29 Sara Miller Exit Seminar Schluter Lab
Mar 7 Alathea Letaw Exit Seminar Srivastava Lab
Mar 14 Mollie Chapman
Sarah Amundrud
BRITE Interns Biodiversity Research Centre
Mar 21 Patrik Nosil Punctuated and gradual changes in speciation Schluter Lab
Mar 28 Easter -- --
Apr 4 Marius Rösti -- --
Apr 11 Benjamin Freeman Elevational specialization in tropical montane birds Schluter Lab
Apr 18 Diana Rennison Exit Seminar Schluter Lab
Apr 25 Jennifer Selgrath TBA Gergel and Vincent Labs

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title Lab
Sep 14 Biodiversity Museum Staff -- --
Sep 21 Kristin Mercer Adaptation of crop landraces to environmental variation in an era of climate change Ohio State University
Sep 28 Jeremy Yoder Species interactions and the origins of biological diversity Aitken
Oct 5 Amanda Vincent The role of SMS texting in conservation UBC Fisheries Centre
Oct 12 -- Thanksgiving --
Oct 19 David Anderson Intermolecular epistasis shaped the evolution of a new gene regulatory module Tokuriki
Oct 26 Rachael Bay Genomic basis of thermal tolerance in corals Schluter
Nov 2 Jesse Weber Adaptation genetics in mice, fish, and tapeworms: behavior, immunology, and coevolution University of Texas
Nov 9 Matt Pennell Evolutionary insights from big biodiversity UBC
Nov 16 Erin McCullough Elaboration and diversification of animal weapons University of Western Australia
Nov 23 Javier del Campo Data scavenging for microbial ecology studies Keeling
Nov 30 Lilly Hehenberger From Endosymbiont to Organelle. Or how Dinoflagellates help us to understand that process Keeling
Dec 7 Meagan Grabowski
Liz Kleynhans
Sarah Klain
BRITE Interns --

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title Lab
Jan 12 Katie Marshall Integrating the effects of repeated cold exposure from transcriptome to whole organism Killam Fellow
Jan 19 Stephen Heard Diet shifts and speciation in herbivorous insects: ecological causes and evolutionary consequences University of New Brunswick
Jan 26 Andrew MacDonald Exit Seminar: The causes and consequences of variation in community composition in bromeliads Srivastava
Feb 2 Elizabeth Gow Sex related patterns of foraging and parental care across two bird species Killam Fellow
Feb 9 Family Day -- --
Feb 16 Olivier Dézerald Life history and secondary production of tank-bromeliad invertebrates in a neotropical rainforest Université de la Guyane
Feb 23 Anna Hargreaves Testing the limits to species distributions: interactions, climate, dispersal Biodiversity Postdoc
Mar 2 Bernardo Ranieri
Ally Thompson
Alys Granados
BRITE Intern Presentations
Mar 9 Jeremy Draghi Lessons on Evolvability from Complex Genotype-Phenotype Models Whitlock
Mar 16 Brook Moyers Exit Seminar: The landscape of divergence in silverleaf sunflowers Rieseberg
Mar 23 Helen Drost Exit Seminar: Upper thermal limits of Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida) Farrell
Mar 30 Amanda Vincent Postposed until next semester UBC Fisheries Centre
Apr 6 Easter Monday -- --
Apr 13 -- No BLISS - BGSA Symposium --
Apr 20 Kira Delmore Exit Seminar: Examining seasonal migration's role in speciation and its genetic basis Irwin
Apr 27 Julia Gustavsen Temporal dynamics of marine viruses at Jericho Pier Suttle

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title Lab
Sept 8 BRITE interns:
Edward Gregr
Greg Baute
Megan Vaughan
Special Seminar
Sept 15 Adam Ford Exit Seminar: A mechanistic study of trophic interactions in an African savanna Goheen/Arcese
Sept 22 Celine Caseys Toward understanding the effects of hybridization on plant secondary metabolism Rieseberg
Sept 29 Nicole Balsdon
Jackie Chambers
Communicating Research at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Oct 6 Chris Kopp Plant community response to recent and future climate change in California's White Mountains Angert
Oct 13 -- Thanksgiving (Canada)
Columbus Day (USA)
Oct 20 Simon Goring Pre-Settlement vegetation in the Upper Midwest: Realized niches, species co-existence and the loss of community analogues in modern forests. Wisconsin
Oct 27 Marjorie Weber Linking ecology with the macroevolution of plant-arthropod defense mutualisms UC Davis Center for Population Biology Postdoctoral Fellow
Nov 3 Adriana Suarez Is allelic introgression from balsam poplar (Populus balsamifera) adaptive in black cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa)? Douglas
Nov 10 Nathaniel Sharp Mutation load in sexual populations: effects of sexual selection and condition-dependence Otto/Whitlock
Nov 17 Holly Kindsvater The evolution and ecology of life histories in the sea Reynolds (SFU)
Nov 24 William Cheung Climate change and ocean acidification: implications for global marine fisheries UBC Fisheries Centre
Dec 1 BRITE interns:
Andew Huang
Matt Strimas-Mackey
Richard Schuster
Kate McGrath
Special Seminar

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title Lab
Jan 6 Charles Krebs Is modern agriculture sustainable? An ecologists view of agricultural science Krebs
Jan 13 Trevor Gareth Jones Community-based conservation of Madagascar's mangroves Blue Ventures Conservation/UBC
Jan 20 Kristina Cockle Ecological networks of cavity-nesting vertebrates through time and space Louisiana State University-UBC
Jan 27 Christopher D. Muir Is it time for an evolutionary physiology synthesis, yet? Biodiversity Postdoctoral Fellow
Feb 3 Jennifer Sunday Take the heat or get out of the kitchen: Distributional and adaptive responses to climate change among the worlds' ectotherms Biodiversity Postdoctoral Fellow
Feb 10 -- Family Day --
Feb 17 -- Spring Break --
Feb 24 David Toews Exit Seminar: Hybridization, speciation and the biogeography of genetic and phenotypic variation in Setophaga warblers Irwin
Mar 3 Mary O'Connor Metabolic temperature dependence and the importance of herbivory O'Connor
Mar 10 Marco Todesco The molecular basis of plant natural variation (and possibly of plant adaptation) Rieseberg
Mar 17 BRITE interns Special Seminar
Mar 24 Tim Vines Science publishing, data archiving and peer review Axios Review/UBC
Mar 31 Angelica Gonzalez A chemical approach to biodiversity: from individual traits to ecosystem functioning Srivastava
Apr 7 Jennifer Selgrath Mapping fishing and habitats in the Philippines Gergel/Vincent

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title Lab
Sep 9 Nicolas O. Rode Adaptation to temperature and male-female coevolution in natural populations: new insights from resurrection ecology approaches using the brine shrimp Artemia University of Ottawa
Sep 16 Nicole Littlemore Interacting with the Beaty Museum
Sep 23 BRITE interns Special Seminar
Sep 30 Maria Beger Multiple objectives in spatial conservation prioritization in the Coral Triangle O'Connor
Oct 7 Carl Rothfels Otto
Oct 14 -- Canadian Thanksgiving --
Oct 21 Julie Lee-Yaw Exit seminar: Understanding parapatric range limits in a northern amphibian Irwin
Oct 28 Becca Gooding Exit seminar: Multiple abiotic changes and species interactions mediate responses to climate change on rocky shores Harley
Nov 4 Becca Kordas Exit seminar# Community ecology in a warming world: The influence of temperature on species composition and interspecific interactions in marine systems Harley
Nov 11 -- Remembrance Day --
Nov 18 Liz Perkin The effects of artificial light at night on stream ecosystems Richardson
Nov 25 Christine Grossen Risks and benefits of introgression: insights from Alpine ibex and Sapsuckers Irwin
Dec 2 Roz Dakin Iridescent color signals in birds Altshuler
Dec 9 Robin LeCraw Exit seminar: The influence of spatial processes at multiple scales on local community structure and function Srivastava

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title Lab
Jan 14 Jeremy Draghi Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Genotype-Phenotype Maps Whitlock
Jan 21 Lizzie Wolkovich Community Assembly & Disassembly with global change Biodiversity Postdoc
Jan 28 Kyle Demes Exit Seminar Harley
Feb 4 Ethan White Testing a general theory of macroecology using big data Utah State University
Feb 11 -- Family Day --
Feb 18 -- Reading week --
Feb 25 Greg Sharam How to get a job in Consulting
Mar 4 Jennie McLaren The influences of plant identity on ecosystem properties in a changing arctic Turkington
Mar 11 Juan Santos Emergent Properties in Poison Frogs: Aposematism, Bioacoustics and Systematics Biodiversity Postdoc
Mar 18 BRS -- --
Mar 25 Heather Kharouba Exit Seminar Mark Vellend
Apr 1 -- Easter Monday --
Apr 8 Rob Colautti Rapid evolution, genetic constraints and climate adaptation in a changing world Rieseberg
Apr 15 Gwylim Blackburn Exit Seminar Maddison