Biodiversity Legendary Internal Seminar Series

Thursdays, 10-11am, virtual on Zoom for September, then possibly transitioning to in-person (BRC Room 224). Zoom link will be sent out on the BRC Research Listserv each week

Featuring research by grad students, postdocs, faculty and visitors interested in biodiversity research.

Click here for more information on how to sign to give a talk. Contact Tess Grainger (tessgrainger(at) for more information or to sign up.

Fall 2021

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Sept 16 Rachael Wade Implications of Plakobranchus cf. ianthobapsus (Gastropoda, Sacoglossa) kleptoplasty for herbivore ecology, benthic community structure, and invasive species management Postdoctoral Fellow, Martone Lab and Hakai
Sept 23 Cancelled
Sept 30 NO BLISS (Truth and Reconciliation Day)
Oct 7 Jane Yangel and Michael Procko Green Shores for Homes: reducing impact of coastal development on shoreline ecosystems and evaluating program effectiveness through monitoring AND Science to Policy: Informing Wildlife and Recreation Management in Golden Ears Provincial Park, BC BRITE Interns
Oct 14 Nicole Balsdon and Karen Needham The Beaty Biodiversity Museum: Get to know your next door neighbour! Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Oct 21 Julia Craig and Nicolas Talloni Telling truth through fiction: science communication through storytelling AND Advancing climate-ready fisheries on Canada's Pacific Coast BRITE Interns
Oct 27 Angela Brennan Functional Connectivity of the World’s Protected Areas Research Associate, Kremen Lab
Nov 4 Jonna Kulmuni Understanding the outcomes of hybridization over time and space The University of Helsinki, visiting researcher in the Otto Lab
Nov 11 NO BLISS (Reading Week)
Nov 18 Mairin Deith Where the wild hunts are: mapping and managing data-deficient bushmeat system PhD Student, O'Connor Lab
Nov 25 Amy Liu Species and species divergence in the Western North American char complex (genus: Salvelinus) MSc Student, Taylor Lab
Dec 2 Edward Tekwa Uncovering biases in biodiversity and conservation sciences Postdoctoral Fellow, O'Connor Lab
Dec 9 Victoria Hemming TBD Postdoctoral Fellow, Martin Lab
Dec 16 Tom Booker TBD Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Fellow

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