Biodiversity Legendary Internal Seminar Series

Fridays, 16:00 to 17:00, Biodiversity Research Centre, Room 224.

Featuring research by grad students, postdocs, faculty, visitors and emeritus faculty interested in biodiversity research.

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Fall and Spring - 2019/2020

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Sept 6 Amandine Sabadel Stable isotopes of amino acids in food webs: theory and applications Research Fellow at the Department of Marine Science - Otago University
Sept 13 Tom Booker Global adaptation confounds the search for local adaptation UBC PostDoctoral Fellow
Sept 20 Chris Beirne Using remote sensing to shed light on the ecology and behaviour of forest elephants UBC PostDoctoral Fellow
Sept 27 Global Climate Strike!
Oct 4 Tom Nelson The forces that structure genetic variation among populations and species PostDoctoral Fellow at University of Montana
Oct 11 Ross Whippo In search of Antarctica's seaweed forests PhD student at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
Oct 18 Lesley Miller Improving Access to Biodiversity Data in Metro Vancouver Fellow in the Data Science for Social Good program with the UBC Data Science Institute
Oct 25 Go to Eco-Evo Retreat!
Nov 1 Nicole Balsdon and Karen Needham Behind-the-Scenes with the Beaty Museum Education & Outreach Coordinator and Curator of the Spencer Entomological Collection - Beaty Museum
Nov 8 Alyssa Gehman Variation in host response to sea star wasting disease in the central BC coast UBC and Hakai Institute PostDoctoral Fellow
Nov 15 Alejandra Echeverri Iconic Manakins and Despicable Grackles: Which traits make birds prone to be liked or disliked by people? Applied Research Coordinator, Climate Crisis in Urban Biodiversity (CCUB) | SEEDS Sustainability Program
Nov 22 Alex Yeung Hear the voices of future: a review of ecosystem change projections in boreal Canada by 2050 PhD, UBC
Nov 29 Tom Givnish The Green Empire strikes back: ecology and evolution of carnivorous plants Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dec 6 NO BLISS - go to Huts :)
Dec 13 No speaker Holiday break :)
Jan 10 Kaylee Byers UBC PhD candidate and Deputy Regional Director BC Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative
Jan 17 Devin de Zwann UBC PhD candidate
Jan 24 Faith Jones Assemblage level biodiversity change: what I learned from studying the BioTIME database UBC PostDoctoral Fellow
Jan 31 Ailene McPherson UBC PhD candidate
Feb 7 Geoffrey Legault UBC PostDoctoral Fellow
Feb 14 Rémi Matthey-Doret UBC PhD candidate
Feb 21 No speaker Midterm break
Feb 28
March 06 Emma George UBC PhD candidate
March 13 Antonin Machac Evolution of diversity across scales UBC PostDoctoral Fellow
March 20
March 27 Vincent Billy UBC PhD candidate
April 3
April 10 Good Friday
April 17

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