Biodiversity Legendary Internal Seminar Series

Fridays, 16:00 to 17:00, Online - link to be provided.

Featuring research by grad students, postdocs, faculty, visitors and emeritus faculty interested in biodiversity research.

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Fall - 2020

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Sept 11 Nicole Balsdon Virtual Resources: teaching, learning, research, and recreation with the Beaty Biodiversity Museum Education & Outreach Coordinator, Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Sept 18
Sept 25 Geneviève Lajoie Ecological and evolutionary perspectives on microbial community assembly in the phyllosphere (and elsewhere) Hakai Postdoctoral Fellow
Oct 2 Antonin Machac Evolution of diversity across scales UBC Postdoctoral Fellow
Oct 9 Alexia Constantinou Of Mice and Moose: Small and Large Mammal Responses to a Gradient of Forest Harvesting Treatments MSc Student, Wildlife Coexistence Lab & Belowground Ecology Group
Oct 16 Jared Grummer and the Whitlock research group The fitness and genomic consequences of assisted gene flow UBC Postdoctoral Fellow
Oct 23 Carla Di Filippo Nutrients in a changing world: Testing the effects of temperature on nutrient quality, quantity, and trophic cascades in food webs MSc student
Oct 30 Melody Salehzadeh and Jordan Hamden Local glucocorticoid production in the nervous and immune systems PhD Candidates in the Soma lab
Nov 6 Kyle Shanebeck What doesn't kill you, may not make you stronger: sub-lethal fitness effects of parasitic helminth infection in mammals PhD Candidate
Nov 13 Luis Camacho  Macroecological patterns of biotic interactions and their consequences in prey communities PhD Candidate
Nov 20 Kaleigh Davis, Julian Idrobo, and Mary O'Connor Macroecological patterns of biotic interactions and their consequences in prey communities
Nov 27 Wildlife Coexistence lab (Cole Burton research group) Camera trapping for human-wildlife coexistence: emerging insights and opportunities
Dec 4 Rassim Khelifa SNSF postdoctoral fellow
Dec 11 Tom Booker Thinking about recombination rate variation when looking for interesting patterns in the genome UBC Postdoctoral Fellow
Dec 18 Tess Grainger Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of invaded communities BRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Spring 2021

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Jan 8 Amanda Vincent TBD Professor, Chair of the IUCN SSC Seahorse, Pipefish and Seadragon Group. Chair of the IUCN Marine Conservation Committee
Jan 15 Rachel Germain, Tess Grainger 'Failing' your way to success Assistant Professor and BRC Postdoctoral Fellow
Jan 22 Darwin Sodhi The eco/evolutionary dynamics of winegrape pathogens PhD Student
Jan 29 Alexa Fredston Understanding, managing, and predicting marine species on the move Postdoctoral associate, Rutgers University
Feb 5
Feb 12 Gil Jorge Barros Henriques TBD PhD candidate, Exit Seminar!
Feb 19 No seminar - reading week! Non-fiction book suggestions
Feb 26 Sarah Foster Turning national commitments into conservation action for marine fish Program Manager Project Seahorse
March 5 Claire Kremen Research Group WoRCS: Working to Restore Connectivity and Sustainability
March 12 Devin de Zwaan  Songbird mass gain and stopover length during spring and fall migration: insights from B.C. banding stations Postdoctoral Fellow
March 19 Linnea Sandell Experiments of sexual selection and ploidy-specific mutational effects in budding yeast PhD Candidate, Exit Seminar!
March 26 Harold Eyster Can perennial polyculture fields mitigate bird diversity loss in the US Midwest? PhD Candidate, CHAN lab
Apr 4 Ben Matthew's Research Group What’s that buzz? Neuroscience and ecology of mosquito behaviour Matthew's Lab
Apr 9 Quentin Geissmann A computational approach to insect circadian ecology UBC Postdoctoral Fellow
Apr 16 Roshni Mangar, Adam Hicks TBD MSc students, Project Seahorse
Apr 23 Emily Adamczyk Effects of climate, space, and time on eelgrass community structure PhD Candidate, Exit Seminar!

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