Kluane Monitoring

Since the close of the Kluane Boreal Forest Ecosystem Project in 1996 (Krebs, Boutin and Boonstra, 2001), we have continued to monitor a variety of plant and animal indicator species in the Kluane and surrounding region (Community Ecological Monitoring Program, CEMP). We have developed a set of monitoring proceedures and we maintain an excel file which summarizes all the data collected to date. We are happy to share these data with all interested people, but since they have not yet been published, we request that you obtain permission from me before using or publishing them in any form.

Questions about our monitoring program may be addressed to me at the Department of Zoology at UBC (krebs@zoology.ubc.ca).

If you would like to download these files, click on the links below:

CEMP Monitoring Handbook (2016 edition; long version with all protocols; 2.8 MB or short version with selected protocols; 2.2 MB)

CEMP Annual Report (annual_report_2016.pdf ; 600 KB)

Kluane Monitoring data (MS EXCEL; last update Nov 2017; 400 KB)

The Crew! August 2000 (photo by Richard Greer)