Kathryn Turner’s Publications:

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Science communication:

  1. Contributing blogger for The Molecular Ecologist (ongoing)
  2. AAAS SciLine expert contact for jounalists (ongoing)
  3. Press about Cheerios, bees, and non-native plants:
    1. Print: Washington Post, Times of London, LifeHacker, CountryLiving, The Ryersonian 4/10/2017
    2. Radio: KABC Los Angeles McIntyre In the Morning 3/22/2017
    3. TV: 9News Denver, Fox31 Denver 4/26/2017
  4. Author, Crossflower: Genomic history of a plant invasion project website describing herbarium genomics work with Chorispora tenella (ongoing)
  5. Science Card Game Designer for Phylo: The Trading Card Game. Focused on historical women in STEM fields.
  6. Co-designer of Plague of Species, an app-style game about invasive species and evolution (ongoing)
  7. Author, Alien Plantation, a blog about invasion biology, ethnobotany, ecology and evolution (ongoing)
  8. Twitter, @KTInvasion, about invasion biology, ethnobotany, genomics, statistics, and R (ongoing)