I have moved to Dalhousie University.  My new webpage is here    

Brian             Biodiversity Research Centre, UBC and
     Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

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I recently finished my PhD in the Biodiversity Research Centre at the University of British Columbia. My research focuses on the determinants of local diversity- that is, what factors sum to produce the local species richnesses and abundances we see in nature. Much of my work tests the roles of regional species diversity and abiotic disturbances on local diversity, as well as the impact of facilitative effects among species on community structure. One of my main goals is to have interesting experimental field work (British Columbia, Canadian Arctic, Costa Rica) balanced with rigorous analysis of available datasets.
I do work across a variety of biomes, without an organismal bias (though I seem to get good data from arthropods most frequently).  Click the images below for some fieldwork photos:

British Columbia
Costa Rica
Canadian Arctic