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Adult oribatids usually have a hard brown exoskeleton. Mouthparts are small, with palps and chelicerae forming a cone-shaped structure. The most basal leg segment, or coxa, is fused to the body. The ventral surface has two medial openings with paired valves. Antennae-like trichobothria may also be present. -view diagrams-

Mesostigmatids generally have distinct linear chelicerae and palps. Regions of the body may be sclerotized, forming darker shields. Coxae are free. Respiratory openings in the body, or stigmata, are located laterally around the midpoint of the length of the body. Chelicerae have 3 segments. -view diagrams-

Prostigmatids usually have distinct chelicerae and linear to highly modified palps. The body may be lightly sclerotized, but shields are rarely visible. Coxae are free. Stigmata are located on the mouthparts or the anterior of the body. -view diagrams-





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