Formatting Images

You can change the way your image looks in a couple of important ways:

  1. By changing the image size
  2. By adding a caption
  3. By changing the position relative to the text in your page

Once you have inserted the image into your page, you may edit it by clicking on the image and clicking on the pencil icon:


Edit the image by selecting the pencil icon.

A box pops up giving you several things you can change about your image.  To change the image size, go to the section labelled Display Settings:


Change the image size.

You can choose between Small, Medium, Large, and Full Size, or you can put in a custom image size.


Add an image caption.

To add a caption, navigate to the top of the same pop-up box and type in your caption.

When you have completed your adjustments, click on Update in the bottom, right-hand corner of the box.  Your caption and image size changes will appear immediately.

To adjust how your image is aligned within your page, click on the image again.  Instead of selecting the pencil icon, select one of the four alignment options to the left of the pencil icon.


Align your image.

The first option allows you to align your image to the left while the text wraps to the right.  The second option allows you to center your image with text only above and below.  The third option allows you to align the image to the right, with text wrapped on the left side.  The final option allows you to place your image with no text wrapping.