Adding a New Post

To add a new page, select Posts and Add New from the left hand sidebar.


Add a new page – part 1.


You will be presented with a new window in which you can enter a title for your page and write in page content:


Add a new page – part 2.


Two templates are currently available for your new page.  These are the Researcher and the Research Project template.  Using a template will allow you to design your page following a standard format.  You need only replace the template content with your own information.

Add a page using a template.

Add a page using a template.

Once you have selected the template you want, click on Load Template to show the pre-configured page layout.

Any time you would like to add a picture, you can do so by clicking the Add Media link above under the title of the post:


Add a new image by clicking on “Add Media”

You will be taken to a new window where you will be allowed to upload an image, supply a link to an image, or choose an already uploaded image.  When you are done, click on Insert into Post.


The media library.


Upload a new media file.

Insert into post.

Insert into post.

Once you have added the images, you can move them around to anywhere you want them in your page.

Before you publish the page, you will want to choose a Category. Categories tell the wiki how to automatically sort your page.  Choose between Field Site, Method or Guide, News, Research Project, or Researcher.  If your page explains how to do something on the Wiki, you can choose the category Help.


Choose a category for your page.

One more thing before you can publish your page.  By default, all pages are set to Private.  This means they can only be seen if you are already logged on to the wiki.  You may want this setting for your Research Project pages, but not necessarily for other pages.  To change this setting, click on Edit next to Visibility in the right hand side bar.

Now you can finally publish your page by clicking on Publish in the right hand side bar.  If you are just editing a page, and not creating a new one, the button will say Update instead.


Change privacy and publish a page.



Update a page.