This page provide links to the web sites of courses I teach.

Biology 418 – Evolutionary Ecology

The course presents an overview of current knowledge and modern research into evolutionary processes acting on contemporary populations; the ecological basis of adaptation; and the consequences of natural selection for population and community dynamics and evolution. Three approaches to the study of evolutionary ecology are introduced: predictive and optimization models; the comparative method; and direct measurement of natural selection in the wild.
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Biology 501 – Quantitative methods in Ecology & Evolution

Biology 501 (formerly Biology 548b) is a graduate course on quantitative methods for data analysis in ecology and evolution. The format is a mixture of lectures/discussions on methodological topics and practical workshops using the R package. Topics include graphics, experimental design, statistical model fitting, model selection, computer-intensive methods, meta-analysis, multivariate and phylogenetic comparative methods. Graduate students are assumed to have taken an introductory undergraduate statistics course at some point in their careers. We begin at a fairly basic level using a general linear model approach.
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