Boating regulations and dive safety

Boating regulations

The following information was taken from Subpart II (Human-powered Pleasure Craft) and Subpart III (Exceptions) of the CANADA SHIPPING ACT, Small Vessel Regulations. The information below applies to small, human-powered boats not over 6 m in length. In short, we are required to have life preservers, a rope, and a bailer aboard. If the boat is larger than 6 m or if it has a motor then further requirements apply. The complete document is here.

  • 209. (1) A human-powered pleasure craft shall carry on board a personal flotation device or lifejacket that is of an appropriate size for each person on board.
  • 210. (1b) A human-powered pleasure craft shall carry on board, for the category of life-saving appliance, a buoyant heaving line of not less than 15 m in length.
  • 211. A human-powered pleasure craft shall carry on board, for the category of equipment (1a) a bailer; and (2a) a sound-signalling device.

Dive safety

Lab members planning to use SCUBA diving during their research or studies must register as a certified Scientific Diver with the UBC Diving Safety Office. This status must be kept current as long as research diving activities continue. The steps to becoming an authorized Scientific Diver include:

  • Meet the Diving Officer (822-0864) to request a registration package. You will need to show certification for diving, First Aid and CPR, as well as your diver’s log book.
  • Pass a diving fitness evaluation and medical examination.
  • Pass a written examination and open water skills evaluation with the UBC Diving Officer.

Further information is available here