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Since I Was Born @science
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spinning fast. Sometimes I forget about how much science and technology have progressed in my lifetime. H... nuclear fusion plant [[ | produced more energy than ... - The international [[ olden or just fool's gold? * 2013 - A [[
Contact Rik @teaching
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d037e16d%3A0x746282e6dbc2a84!2sICICS%20Computer%20Science%2C%202366%20Main%20Mall%20%23249%2C%20Vancouver%2... il ===== Send your mail to: Rik Blok\\ Computer Science, UBC\\ 201 - 2366 Main Mall\\ Vancouver, BC\\ Can
The Curious Skeptic (My teaching philosophy) @science
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foster a //scientific// attitude in my students. Science is a complicated field, driven by many factors.
A Trojan horse approach to medical intervention strategies @science:popmod:brown2009
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crease the speed slider (reduces frame rate)\\ {{:science:popmod:brown2009:faster.gif?nolink|}}\\ and/or in
Curriculum Vitae @random_research
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iki/doku.php?id=courses:isci422:start | Models in Science]]. (15 – 30 students / yr.) * Student advis... ancouver, BC, Canada \\ Degree granted: Master of Science in Physics \\ Supervisor: Dr. Birger Bergersen \\... couver, BC, Canada \\ Degree granted: Bachelor of Science, Physics Honours * Sept. 1988 – Apr. 1991 *... Kelowna, BC, Canada \\ Degree sought: Bachelor of Science, Physics Majors ===== Research skills ===== *
So You Want a Reference @teaching
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ility]], or [[ | ISCI 422 Models]] courses. If not, I won't be a
Escape from Goblin-town! @science:popmod:goblintown
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ps:// 780,600px}} ======
The Light Bulb @science
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phenomena on computers. <div round box right> {{:science:random.gif|How to generate a random bit with exac... == Sept 13, 1997 ====== <div round box right> {{:science:car.gif}} </div> What if cars had little radar o... === Aug 14, 1997 ====== <div round box right> {{:science:gravity.gif}} </div> You know how all those astr
Academic Aberrations @teaching
1 Hits, Last modified:| UBC ISCI 422: Models in Science]] ===== Contact information ===== {{indexmenu>.
Submit your code @science:popmod:goblintown
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e into this box." submit "Submit Code" </form> [[science:popmod:goblintown:submitcode | Click here]] to su
Parameters @science:ebola2014:parameters
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en from the literature whenever possible: <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/tablefixedpars.php> ====== Fitted par... ed to [[..:data:start | empirical data]]: <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/tablefittedpars.php> ====== Derived p
Ebola in West Africa, 2014-15 @science:ebola2014
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<div round box center centeralign 500px> <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/tfinalurl.php> On <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/tfinalbest.php> ± <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/tfinalerr.php> days\\ (probably between <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/tfinallo.php> and <phpinc=science/ebol
The Onion of Science @science
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====== The Onion of Science ====== I often have people ask me what I do for a living. Because my research ... This page is an attempt to explain what I believe science is all about and where my work fits in... ===== Background ===== Science is the process of making testable claims (scienti... foundation for another. Hence, the onion model of science. <div round box right> <div centeralign> {{:scie
Forecasts @science:ebola2014:forecasts
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== Here are my latest forecasts, made on <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/rundate.php>: <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/tablefinalhead.php> <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/tfinalrow.php> <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/cfinalrow.php> <phpinc=science/ebolamodel/dfinalrow.p
Scintillating Science @science
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====== Scintillating Science ====== Science is both my work and my play. That doesn't mean I'm particularly bright or hard-working, ju... Because that's the main ingredient for doing good science. (A healthy dose of skepticism helps, too.) {{i
Random Research @random_research
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