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Babbling in Binary

I spend a lot of time around computers, both at work and play. Yes, I'm a card-carrying geek. Oh well. Here's what I've picked up over the years.

NQC Scripts for Lego Mindstorms NQC Scripts for Lego Mindstorms

Lego Mindstorms robot kits are so fun! You put them together like normal Lego, attach motors and sensors, and then program them to act and react to their surroundings! Add to that Dave Baum's powerful programming language NQC (Not Quite C) and you've got a definite winner! Here are some of my contributions.

My Scripts My Scripts

I love scripting! I'll gladly spend an hour writing a script which saves me a few minutes. I guess I'm a little obsessive that way. Anyway, here are some of the scripts I have written.

VCL Components VCL Components

Here's my huge collection of VCL components I've written for Borland C++Builder. As with my software, I'll keep them free until I write something I might actually be able to sell.

My Software My Software

Programs I've written and other files. Until I get really poor (or write something really cool) I'll try to keep everything free. Help yourself!
  • R2DToo
  • ExportChart
  • TeX Equation Previewer
  • Toolbar
  • More Software

Tips 'n' Tricks Tips 'n' Tricks

Whenever I get a bright idea that makes my computing life a little easier I'll try to post it here. I can't make any promises that these will work for you (I can't even guarantee they won't trash your computer) but they worked for me...

Trends in Computing Trends in Computing

I've heard it said that computers were doubling in performance every 18 months; that is, in 18 months you could buy a computer twice as powerful/fast as today for the same price. I was curious to see if this was true so I started tracking the prices of individual components on a monthly basis.

Assorted Help Files Assorted Help Files

Here are some help files I've converted from other formats. Help yourself! (Man, is that ever lame!)

Links Links

A list of some of my favourite software. The links are sorted in reverse chronological order so the newest ones will always be at the top and the oldest (and most likely to be broken) at the bottom.
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