R script for plotting STRUCTURE results (Q values) (Rose)

This is an R Script that plots individual Q values and labels populations. It can be modified to take average group membership from CLUMPP output and/or to import different population names and higher level groupings from elsewhere.

N.B. I haven’t run this on very many data sets, so it will probably need to be tweaked for your results. But please leave a comment if you run into any problems.

## Plot structure results - can be used for CLUMPP output with some modification

## Function for resizing plot window (not essential here, but a useful function)
resize.win <- function(Width=6, Height=6)  # works for windows
{   dev.off(); # dev.new(width=6, height=6)
    windows(record=TRUE, width=Width, height=Height)
windows(width=6, height=6) 

## Set working directory
setwd("../colbeck.locprior0.AdmCorr10k100k/")	# file path of STRUCTURE results

## Select file

## Read in Q and identify K
qstart=which(read.table(qfile,sep="\t",blank.lines.skip =F, stringsAsFactors=F)=="Inferred ancestry of individuals:")+1
qend=which(read.table(qfile,sep="\t",blank.lines.skip =F, stringsAsFactors=F)=="Estimated Allele Frequencies in each cluster")-3
	stringsAsFactors = FALSE,
	strip.white = TRUE,
	na.strings = c("NA","",".","#DIV/0!","#REF!","#VALUE!","#NUM!"))
firstcol=5 ## first column of Q estimates- this may need to be altered depending on location data and/or labels included in the analysis
k=sum(sapply(firstcol:ncol(qall0),function(x){is.numeric(qall0[,x])})) ## count assumed populations 

## Set up population sizes for labels
qall=qall0[order(qall0[,3]),]   ## you can sort them by population here (optional)

# Stacked Bar Plot with Colours
colours=c("blue","green","red","yellow","pink","purple")  ## Add more colours if K>6 and change these if you like
barplot(bars, width = 1, space = 0,
        names.arg = rep("",ncol(bars)), legend.text = NULL, beside = FALSE,
        horiz = FALSE, density = NULL, angle = 45,
        col = colours, border = NA,
        main = NULL, sub = NULL, xlab = NULL, ylab = NULL,
        xlim = NULL, ylim = NULL, xpd = TRUE, log = "",
        axes = TRUE, axisnames = TRUE,
        cex.axis = par("cex.axis"), cex.names = par("cex.axis"),
#        inside = TRUE, plot = TRUE, axis.lty = 0, offset = 0,
        add = FALSE, args.legend = NULL)
savePlot(filename = paste(qfile,".png",sep=""),
	type = "png",device = dev.cur(),
	restoreConsole = TRUE)

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  1. Just used this. It worked awesome. Only thing was that it didn’t recognize the windows command and I couldn’t find what package that is from.

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