Non-Batch Submissions to the SRA

Since many of you have smaller amounts of data (a handful of samples/runs per experiment), I wanted to provide some info on submitting that data to the SRA without the help of their staff. The SRA has recently re-vamped their submission process, and it is much easier/simpler than before.

It’s important that everyone submit their own data. The SRA provides a free off-site backup, and we have already replaced corrupted files on our computers with clean copies obtained from the SRA. The time you spend doing this will ensure that you always have a clean copy of your raw data.

Here is a brief overview of the submission process, as well as the info you’ll need.

As well as the NCBI’s “quick start guide”.

Here are the pages for submitting BioProjects and BioSamples:

The process now is fairly straightforward and well-documented by the SRA. If anyone has trouble, you can ask others in the lab that have submitted their own data in the last year or so. I believe Dan Bock is one of them.

Here are some of the lab’s existing bioprojects. These can give you an idea of what kind of info to include in the abstract/project description, etc.: