Horticulture Greenhouse Space (Kate)

Our lab is currently paying for one bench in the Horticulture greenhouse for general purposes (Zone 4, Bench #1). This bench is intended for small, short-term projects only. If you need more than ~1/3 of a bench, please make your own arrangements.

About the space: . . .

  • The greenhouse is open from 7:30-3:30 Monday-Thursday and 7:30-1:30 on Friday.
  • The lights are on in the greehouse for approximately 16 hours per day (~6AM-10PM).
  • Our bench is flooded with fertilizer water either daily or every other day depending on the size of the plants. This means that if your plants are much smaller or much larger than the other plants on the bench, they may not receive the appropriate amount of water. Also, you may want to fertilize your plants periodically.
  • The schedule for our bench space can be found here. Email me (Kate) if you need space or your space requirements have changed.
  • David Kaplan is the greenhouse technician and is very helpful (dkaplan”at”mail.ubc.ca)

Guidelines for using our bench (official Horticulture Responsibilities – please read):

  • Check your plants regularly (at least once a week)
  • Label your plants with your name, especially if they are under the bench to dry out
  • Use only the space that you were allocated
  • Keep things clean and organized!
  • Glance at the plants on our bench when you visit and let people know if there is a problem with their plants, especially if you see any pests
  • Don’t leave dirty pots or trays under the bench as this will cause pest problems. If you absolutely need to leave things for a few days, leave a note with your name and the date you will deal with them
  • Always leave the hose coiled neatly when you are finished with it

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  1. I have changed two things on this post:
    1. I updated the schedule
    2. We changed the flood table from unfertilized to fertilized water

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