Compiled Sunflower QTLs (GregO)

Last year I worked on a project to see if any of the domestication outlier genes were found with previously mapped QTLs. The project ultimately fell flat when new data showed that the outlier I was working on wasn’t an outlier, but I did compile a large table of sunflower QTLs which may be useful. The table has 369 mapped QTLs.

I’ve shared this with a couple of people, but I’m posting it here on a google doc for everyone to use. Here is the link:

A couple notes:
-It was compiled about a year ago, so it may be out of date. Also, although I tried to include every applicable study, I may have missed some. If you do find a study that I missed, I encourage you to add it to the table.
-It is only from annuus crosses, and a majority are domestics
-The position values are in cM

Anyway, read and enjoy. Change it if you find errors or new papers!