Entering Firmware Boot Commands from the XServe's Front Panel

You can use the system identifier button on the server's front panel to initiate a limited number of firmware commands to the system without connecting a keyboard or monitor to the server. The commands are listed below; you enter each command with a combination of the system identifier button and a specific light on the front panel.

Note: If Open Firmware Security is turned on for the system, front panel mode is not available. In this situation, the two rows of lights on the front panel flash twice when you try to enter a boot command with the system identifier. Then the system resumes its regular startup sequence.

Follow these steps to initiate a command from the front panel. 

  1. With the power button off, hold in the system identifier button while you press the on/standby button
  2. Continue holding the system identifier button until the top row of blue lights blinks sequentially.
  3. Release the system identifier button. The rightmost light in the bottom row turns on. Press the system identification button to light the next light in the bottom row, moving from right to left. Press the button again to change lights.

    The lights in the bottom row indicate (from right to left):

  4. When the light for the action you want is on, hold in the system identifier button for at least 2 seconds, until all the lights in the top row are on.
  5. Release the button