Research on Insect Ecology and Biological Control


Zoology / Agroecology UBC

Michelle Franklin

Population structure of cabbage loopers related to Bt resistance

PhD Student


Teaching Portfolio

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2008), 10, 119127

Amanda Brown

Biology of rosie apple aphids in organic orchards

MSc Student


Andrea Stephens

Interactions among biological control agents on diffuse knapweed

PhD Student



Michelle Tseng

Adaptation between cabbage loopers and NPV

Post Doc

Tom Deane

Distribution and abundance of cheat grass following the decline of diffuse knapweed

MSc Student

Jerry Ericsson

Immunity systems in cabbage loopers

Collaborator - currently Ph.D.

student at SFU

Jenny Cory

Molecular ecology ofinsects and their diseases

Collaborator - Chair in Biological Control at SFU - September 2008

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