Kota Mizumoto

Research interests
Pattern formation in animal/plant development (currently not working on plant biology).
Expertise: Genetics, Developmental Biology, Neurodevelopment, C. elegans

2016 – BIOL234
Fundamentals of Genetics (term 2 MWF: 2 sections)
2016 – BIOL464
Animal Developmental Genetics (term 2 MWF)

Education and Research experiences
2015-2021 Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
Postdoc, Stanford University (Supervisor: Kang Shen)
2007-2008 Postdoc, Riken, Center for Developmental Biology (Supervisor: Hitoshi Sawa)
2004-2007 PhD, Kobe University/Riken, Center for Developmental Biology (Supervisor: Hitoshi Sawa)
2002-2004 MSc, Kobe University (Supervisor: Shigeo Takumi)
2002 BSc, Kobe University

Our Research Program is supported by:
Operating Grants
2022-2027 CIHR Project Grant
2021-2026 NSERC Discovery Grant
2020-2021 CIHR Project Grant (Bridge funding)
2016-2021 CIHR Project Grant
2015-2021 NSERC Discovery Grant

Research Awards
2017 Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar
2015 Canada Research Chair in Developmental Neurobiology
2014 HFSP Career Development Award
2014 Tomizawa Jun-ichi and Keiko Fund for young scientist