December 2021: After more than one year of zoom-only meetings, we had our first in-person Hutchinson postdoc team meeting at Yale this week! Lots of progress made, and so much more energy and fun working together in the same room. Sarah Friedman joined us from Seattle, remotely, and we missed her presence in the room. Looking forward to a west coast Hutchinson reunion at some point!

Photo courtesy of Colette Wabnitz

April 2021: New paper out this week in PNAS, with Mary O’Connor! We find that biodiversity in oceans and lakes provides critical nutritional benefits to humans. More on this soon!

November 2020: Working group success! Together with Andy Gonzalez, Jenn Sunday and Mary O’Connor, we hosted our first week-long CIEE working group, ‘Life in fluctuating environments’, online. Many thanks to everyone for joining from far and wide, across continents and time zones. It was a lot of fun with lots of ideas shared and collaborations kicked-off.

November 2019: Just returned from a working group at Eawag, Kastanienbaum on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, led by Blake Matthews. Lots of great discussions about the evolutionary ecology of fatty acids, and chocolate.

May 2019: New paper this week! “Species interactions mediate thermal evolution”, work with Zander Chila (wundergrad, now Masters’ student at UVic) and Michelle Tseng.

April 2019: Just got back from an awesome working group week at the Gault Nature Reserve in Quebec — synthesizing thermal limit data and maple syrup tasting galore!