[An evolving collection of links to resources I’ve found useful — suggestions for additions welcome!]


Individual development plan template

Mentoring as environmental stewardship — thoughts from Beronda Montgomery.

Git and GitHub

Happy Git with R

Version Control from Data Carpentry for Biologists

GitHub workshop materials from the OHI Data Science Training program

SESYNC’s lesson materials on collaborative and reproducible research

Coding club’s Git and version control lesson materials

Data wrangling, exploration, and analysis with R

How to name files

Stat545 at UBC

R for Data Science

Organizing projects and directory layout

Useful tips and tools to get started on synthesis research

Gavin Simpson’s vegan workshop (2020)

Mixed effects model visualization

Good enough practices for scientific computing – Wilson et al. 2017

Tips and tricks for getting started with synthesis research

Biology fun

Big Biology podcast

Writing resources

How to write a cover letter

How to review a paper

Writing resources from UMN

How to write a theory paper that people will cite

How to respond to peer-review

J.R. Bernhardt’s NSERC CGS-M research proposal

Diversity in science

Towards a balanced seminar series — a thoughtful guide to increasing diverse participation in seminars, symposia, award nominations.

Gordon Research Conference Power Hour resources — a collection of resources related to women in science.

Diversity in academia — a fantastic collection of studies and resources.

Other resources


How to run a meeting

Academic job offer letter template