Zoogeography                     Assignments                      Winter Term 2 – 2021

Date Assigned

Date Due


Week 1
(Jan 11-15)


Optional readings: Geography & Climate

  Lomolino et al. textbook
  Chapter 3 - The Geographic Template: Visualization and  
  analysis of biogeographic patterns

  Chapter 4 - Distribution of Species: Ecological foundations

  MacArthur, R.H. (1972) Climates on a Rotating Earth in   
  Geographical Ecology: Patterns in the Distribution of Species.
  Harper & Row, NY. PDF

  Antonelli, A. (2017). Biogeography: drivers of  
  bioregionalization. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 1(4), 1-2. 
Week 2
(Jan 18-22)
Jan 25
  Assignment 1: Work through tutorial using R Studio
  (see Canvas for assignment)

  Assignment 2 Paper: Claramunt, S., Derryberry, E.P., Remsen,
  J.V. and Brumfield, R.T., 2012. High dispersal ability inhibits  
  speciation in a continental radiation of passerine birds.
  Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological
  Sciences, 279(1733), pp.1567-1574. PDF and Supp Mat.

  Read about Santiago Claramunt and his lab's research
  at University of Toronto 

  Optional readings:

Holt, R.D. (2003) On the evolutionary ecology of species'
  ranges. Evolutionary Ecology Research 5: 159-178. PDF

  Lomolino et al. textbook:
  Chapter 6 - Dispersal and Immigration