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Jankowski Lab

Research Overview:

Our lab's research is centered on the study of patterns of species diversity and distributions in heterogeneous landscapes, and how those patterns are influenced by physiological, ecological and evolutionary forces. Our research is generally steeped in field study and uses a combination of observational, experimental and comparative approaches. 

An important focal landscape in our lab's research are tropical mountainsides. Species found in these regions show thin, belt-like distributions along mountain chains, ranging hundreds or thousands of kilometers in latitude, but only a handful of kilometers in elevation.  This characteristic of species' ranges in tropical montane forests makes these global biodiversity hotspots exceptionally susceptible to anthropogenic climate change and fragmentation.  Our ability to evaluate the threats that species face with such environmental change hinges upon understanding the abiotic and biotic determinants of their distributions. 

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Contact Information:

Biodiversity Research Centre & Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia

6270 University Blvd.
Vancouver, BC  Canada
V6T 1Z4

Office: Biodiversity Research Centre, Room 118

Phone: (604) 827-3871

Email: jankowsk(at)biodiversity(dot)ubc(dot)ca