Congrats to Dr. Silu Wang!

On Wednesday, Dec. 4th, Silu gave an outstanding presentation and defence of her PhD dissertation, titled “Genomic Architecture of Speciation in a Warbler Species Complex.”

It has been a great pleasure to serve as Silu’s advisor. We all wish her well in her next scientific adventure, as a postdoctoral research in Dr. Doris Bachtrog’s research group at UC Berkeley.

Congratulations Dr. Wang!!!

P.S. Silu’s first data chapter is published, and more are on the way. Here is the first from her PhD:

Wang, S., S. Rohwer, K. Delmore, and D.E. Irwin. 2019. Cross-decades stability of an avian hybrid zone. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 32: 1242-1251. Link