Biology 300: Fundamentals of Biostatistics

January-April 2017

Here are some materials for students that don’t yet have access to Connect:

Note that UBC Connect will be used for the main course website this term. Students who are registered should use their CWL accounts to login through Connect, and the BIOL 300 should be accessible.

Instructor: Darren Irwin (web siteemail).


  • Ilan Rubin
  • Maddie Ore
  • Sherri Sadr Karimi
  • Jordan Hamden
  • Kenny Askelson

Lectures: MWF 2-3 p.m., Chemistry B250

Labs: Copp 2008, starting second week of term (Jan. 9-13). Here are the lab sections, in chronological order:

  • L24: Mon 9-11am (Jordan)
  • L21: Mon 12-2pm (Jordan)
  • L22: Tue 8-10am (Kenny)
  • L23: Tue 2-4pm (Ilan)
  • L25: Wed 9-11am (Sherri)
  • L27: Wed 12-2pm (Sherri)
  • L26: Thu 8-10am (Maddie)
  • L29: Thu 10am-12pm (Maddie)
  • L28: Fri 12-2pm (Kenny)