Interested in joining the lab?

The Gordon lab is currently recruiting new postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates! Please contact Dr. Mike Gordon via email with any questions or interest in joining the lab: 

Prospective Graduate Students: A strong background in genetics and/or neurobiology is ideal, but I encourage any student with a keen interest in the mysteries of the brain to contact me to discuss the lab and potential projects. Please send a CV, an unofficial transcript, and a description of why you’re interested in the lab.

Undergraduate Students: There are many potential projects in the lab for undergraduates interested in directed studies, honours projects, or summer positions. Interested students should send a CV, transcript, and a brief description of their interest in the lab.

Potential postdocs: I am particularly interested in postdoc candidates who are experts in behaviour, neurophysiology, or fly genetics. Interested candidates should email me a CV, a statement on why you’re interested in the lab, and letters of reference.