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We are the C. elegans Gene Knockout Lab at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. We're a small group of dedicated, tireless genetic and molecular biological professionals working with the free-living nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. There are currently twelve of us (although one is really a water strider guy):

Don Moerman, Director
Stephane Flibotte, Bioinformatics
Mark Edgley, Lab Manager
Locke Rowe, Visiting Scientist
Vinci Au, Technician
Claudia Doell, Technician
Lisa Fernando, Technician
Erica Li-Leger, Technician
Kiana Martin, Technician
Cathy Yan, Undergraduate
Negin Khosravi, Undergraduate
Javier Rivera, Undergraduate
We are engaged in a systematic effort to create knockouts for each of the approximately 21,000 genes in the C. elegans genome. Our current efforts are focused on the remaining 5,000 genes with no known nonsense or indel alleles.

(1) We are utilizing a CRISPR-Cas9 Homology Directed Repair strategy (Genetics 201 No. 2: 449-458, October 1, 2015) to obtain precise out-of-frame deletions in targeted genes. This strategy allows us to pick high value target genes and to complete large gene families, including transcription factors and kinases.

(2) We are using Whole Genome Sequencing of mutagenized lines as a broader sweep for null mutations. This strategy has no bias for homozygous viable mutations over essential genes.

All data from this project is submitted to WormBase, and all strains may be obtained through the Caenorhabditis Genetics Center.

We are currently accepting requests for CRISPR knockouts, subject to restrictions (a small number of requests per lab, and only genes for which no knockout mutation exists). Please contact Don Moerman for details and advice.
Life Sciences Centre, UBC
2350 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z3

Dr. Don Moerman, Director

Mark Edgley, Lab Manager