Beaty Biodiversity Museum


Dr. Jeannette Whitton

Curator of Algae Dr. Michael Hawkes
The natural history, biogeography, systematics, and conservation of Pacific Northwest seaweeds with emphasis on Rhodophyta.
Curator of Algae Dr. Sandra Lindstrom
Biogeography, phylogenetics and systematics of the benthic marine algae (seaweeds) of the Northeast Pacific.
Curator of Coralline Algae Dr. Patrick Martone
Biomechanics and evolutionary morphology of seaweeds, especially calcified coralline algae.
Curator of Bryophytes Dr. Judith Harpel
Bryophyte taxonomy, biogeography, rare species conservation and management.
Curator of Fungi Dr. Mary Berbee
Molecular phylogeny of ascomycetes.
Curator of Lichens Trevor Goward
Lichenized fungi.
Curator of Vascular Plants Dr. Jeannette Whitton
Plant evolution and systematics, polyploidy, hybridization, apomixis, cryptic diversification. Taxonomic groups: Lasthenia, Crepis, Townsendia (all Asteraceae).
Curator of Eudicots Dr. Quentin Cronk
Plant systematics, evolutionary developmental genetics.
Curator of Monocots and Basal Angiosperms Dr. Sean Graham
Plant systematics, deep phylogeny, monocots, basal angiosperms, seed plants.

Collections Managers
Vascular Plants and Algae Linda Jennings (Lipsen)
Rare plant theory, population genetics, Pacific Northwest vascular flora, botanical history.
Lichens, Bryophytes, and Fungi Olivia Lee
Database Manager Amber Saundry
General vascular plant ecology, especially invasive plants and ecological selection pressures on plant evolution.

Research and Faculty Associates
Dr. Fred Ganders
Evolution of Polynesian Bidens, Asteraceae, mating systems, genetic variation.
Dr. Helen Kennedy Taxonomy and pollination of Marantaceae, especially Calathea and cultivated taxa.
Dr. Brian Klinkenberg
Biogeography of rare plants, spatial analysis, E-Flora BC.
Rose Klinkenberg E-Flora BC.
Frank Lomer
Contributor to the Flora of BC new vascular plant records, weeds, Juncus, Cyperaceae.
Dr. Terry McIntosh
Specialist in bryophytes and arid land vascular plants. Taxon Editor and Board Member for Flora of North America.
Paul Kroeger Identification of Macrofungi, with emphasis on fungi of forest ecosystems and founding member of the Vancouver Mycological Society.
Dr. Jeff Saarela
Taxonomy and phylogenetics of grasses (Poaceae); monocot systematics; molecular evolution of the plastid genome; DNA barcoding; botanical nomenclature.

Associated Graduate Students
Chris Sears
Ph.D. candidate Systematics, taxonomy and population genetics of the North America Crepis agamic complex, Polystichum and Platanthera.
Dr. Jeannette Whitton
Will Iles
Ph.D. candidate Biogeography and phylogenetics of Temperate regions. Tofieldiaceae, Nartheciaceae, and Monocots.
Dr. Sean Graham


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