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Lichen Collection


The UBC Herbarium Lichen collection currently contains over 35,000 accessioned specimens.
The lichen collection is arranged alphabetically by genera. Within each genus, the species are by alphabetical order. Each species is then arranged in order by geographical regions. The regions are separated by color-coded index cards. North America (North of Mexico) is indicated by a coloured marker on the upper left corner of the card. The cards for material outside of North America have makers on the right. The geographical regions are assigned colours and numbers, where colours are put on the index cards, and numbers are placed on the outside of the boxes.


The UBC Herbarium Lichen database is complete and includes label information for all accessioned specimens in our Lichen Collection. Most of the data has not yet been edited for typographical errors. Even though specimens have been annotated for nomenclatural and taxonomic changes in the last 20 years, most database entries have not been edited for nomenclatural and taxonomic changes since the data were entered. There are currently over 35,000 specimens databased, with new additions each year.

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Curator of Lichens: Trevor Goward


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