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E-Flora Postcards

Proceeds from the sale of these postcards go to support the work of E-Flora, the electronic atlas of the plants of British Columbia.
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  Western Trillium - Trillium ovatum
This lovely woodland wildflower is found in the moist forest throughout the southern portions of the province. The white flowers turn to a delicate pink as they age.
Photo: David Blevins 2006 -
  Large-leaved Lupine - Lupinus polyphyllus
This stunning wildflower can present a dazzling display on dry slopes in many areas of BC in May and June
Photo: David Blevins 2006 -
  Long-leaved Phlox - Phlox longifolia
This pretty wildflower is found only in the southern-central regions of British Columbia, where it occurs in dry, open, rocky sites and on sagebrush slopes.
Photo: Brian Klinkenberg 2000 - carex
  Shaggy Mane - Coprinus comatus
This mushroom, common on both roadsides and dinner plates, dissolves into a black sticky liquid (once used as ink) in order to distribute its spores.
Photo: Kent Brothers 2006 - kent
  Cottongrass - Eriophorum scheuchzeri
The bright plumes of cottongrasses are found throughout BC in fens and wet meadows, and along streambanks and lake edges.
Photo: Gerald and Irmgard Carter 2006 -
  Western Pasqueflower - Anemone occidentalis
This beautiful member of the Buttercup Family is a harbinger of spring in the subalpine and alpine meadows of the southern two-thirds of British Columbia. It is easily recognized when in seed.
Photo: Mary Sanseverino 2006 -
  Kinnikinnick - Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Kinnikinnick is a woody groundcover found throughout British Columbia. The delicate pink flowers are followed by bright red fruit which are a favourite wildlife food.
Photo: Gerald and Irmgard Carter 2006 -
  Spreading Stonecrop - Sedum divergens
This colourful succulent plant is found on dry rocky cliffs and talus slopes in many parts of BC. It was relished by various First Nations as food.
Photo: Dave Ingram 2006 -
  Thimbleberry - Rubus parviflorus
The fruits of this lovely member of the Rose Family are a favourite of wild birds.
Photo: David Blevins 2006 -
  Starry False Solomon's Seal - Maianthemum stellatum
This delicate member of the Lily Family is often found in large colonies in moist forest throughout British Columbia.
Photo: David Blevins 2006 -
  Villous Cinquefoil - Potentilla villosa
This hardy member of the Rose Family occurs scattered throughout British Columbia, where it is found on coastal bluffs, rocky slopes, and in meadows.
Photo: Dave Ingram 2006 -
  Decorated Mop - Tricholomopsis decora
This uncommon mushroom is one of the few that are completely yellow inside & out. It recycles the lignin of dead conifers.
Photo: Kent Brothers 2006 - kent
  Arrowleaf Balsamroot - Balsamorhiza sagittata
The large cheerful flowers of this species are a common sight on a dry arid slopes in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia in April and May.
Photo: Dave Ingram 2006 -
  Ostrich fern - Matteuccia struthiopteris
This lovely emerald green fern is found in alluvial forest and on moist to wet sandy or silty banks of rivers and streams.
Photo: Gerald and Irmgard Carter 2006 -

These postcards are 4x6 inches and white on the reverse, with room for writing.
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