Hook Collection

Canadian and British insects from the early 20th century

"In May, 1928, Mr. A. J. Hook and Mrs. E. Jackson, Cobble Hill, presented to the University an extensive and arranged collection of insects of all orders, with smaller, though representative, collections of Crustacea, mounted birds' skins and birds' eggs, and mounted skins and skulls of mammals. The insects are representative of Great Britain, Canada and, to some extent of Japan; the birds and mammals are representative of Britain and Canada. The collections are contained in uniform mahogany cases and are accompanied by accession catalogues with numbers runnning to nearly four thousand named species. They were made by Mr. Hook, his three sons and daughter, Mrs. E. Jackson, and were given to the University as a memorial to the three boys who were killed in the war."
- UBC Calendar 1930

Both of Hook's field notebook have been digitized by Peter Doolan and Nancy Shin and are now accessible on the UBC Library Open Collections website.
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