R workshops

Workshops are held in Beaty Biodiversity 224. See the “Calendar” tab for workshop dates. The links on the sidebar direct you to the R workshops.

Bring your own laptop, with the latest version of R installed from here. Students without a laptop will be loaned one for the duration of the workshop. Let me know ahead of time if you require one, there is a limited number available (Mac only).

Work at your own speed and don’t worry if you cannot finish in the 2 hours allotted. Some of the workshops are intentionally made long to to allow you to come back in the future if you want more practice on a particular topic.

You will need to install the following extra R packages for the workshops this semester (see the Rtips start page for information on how to install add-on packages).
Packages: ape, binom, car, emmeans, leaps, lmerTest, metafor, pwr, visreg.

Mac users will need to install XQuartz for some R commands to work (e.g., fix()).

Help with R is available on the R tips page and on the wider internet.

Also useful are the R commands needed to analyze all examples in the 2nd edition of The Analysis of Biological Data by Michael Whitlock and Dolph Schluter.