This page lists and links to the required readings for the term. Titles might change as the term progresses. Refresh the page on your browser to see the latest version.

Dates indicate when the paper is to be discussed, so read well beforehand.

September 12 (assigned September 5): Wainer: How to display data badly

September 19 (etc): Hurlbert: Pseudoreplication and the design of experiments

September 26: Colegrave & Ruxton: Confidence intervals
Optional additional reading: Hoenig & Heisey 2001)

October 3: Kelly and Price: Correcting for regression to the mean
Optional additional reading: Forstmeier 2011 and Schluter 1992 on a brain size fallacy.

October 10: Murtaugh: Simplicity in data analysis

October 17: Verhoeven et al: Controlling false discovery rate

October 24: Whittingham et al: Why do we still use stepwise regression?
Optional additional reading: Mundry & Nunn: more on stepwise regression

October 31: Cohen: The earth is round (p < 0.05)

November 7: Dochtermann & Jenkins: Working with multiple hypotheses
Optional additional reading: Betini et al: why are we not testing multiple hypotheses

November 14: Palmer: Publication bias in fluctuating asymmetry

November 21: Richman and Price: Evolution of ecological differences in warblers.
Optional additional reading: Price 1991 which shows the process of PCA more clearly.

November 28: Jetz et al: Phylogenetic distinctness and conservation