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It is empowering to know how to analyze your own data
Don Ludwig (2009), former S+ instructor

Course 2023

Biology 501 is a graduate course on quantitative methods for data analysis in ecology and evolution.The format is a mixture of lectures/discussions on methodological topics and practical workshops using the R package.

This course is only being offered in-person in Jan 2023 for Graduate students registered at UBC. It is not possible to take the course remotely or to audit it this term, but anyone is welcome to use the resources for self-led learning.

Students registered in this course at UBC, please regularly check Canvas for announcements. All assignment submissions are only uploaded through Canvas.

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Students are assumed to have taken an introductory undergraduate statistics course at some point in their careers.

We will begin at a basic level using a general linear model approach.


Beth Volpov (b.volpov@oceans.ubc.ca; Office: AERL #245; mmru.ubc.ca)

Office hours: 3-4pm Wednesdays (Zoom link on Canvas), 3-4pm Thursdays (in person, AERL #245), also by appointment

Teaching Assistant

Avery Kruger (avery.kruger@botany.ubc.ca; Office: BRC #336)

Office hours: 3-4pm Tuesdays (in person, DMP #101), also by appointment

Times and location

Lectures and discussions: Tuesdays 1-3 pm in Room #101, Hugh Dempster Pavilion

Workshops: Thursdays 1-3 pm in Room #101, Hugh Dempster Pavilion

Location Map

Lectures from previous years

Please note that 2022 lecture content may differ from current 2023 content as instructors were different.

Lecture overheads from the January 2022 semester are on the lectures page.

Videos from the January 2022 semester are on the lectures page.


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