Sites of Evolutionary Interest

Web Sites of Evolutionary Interest

Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity Seminars (UBC).

American Museum of Natural History (New York) - Take a walk through time in the Fossil Hall.

The "White Paper" - What are the challenges and opportunities facing the study of evolution? Read about all this and more in the "White Paper", recently prepared by a group of more than 20 evolutionary biologists.

Phylogeny of living organisms - It is far from complete but there is still a good deal of information.

Biological and physical origins - A rich source of information regarding the creation-evolution debate.

EP-GED - The Evolution and Population Genetics Educational Database

Evolution - A clearing house of information on Evolution.

CSEE - Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution

Quantitative Genetics - Resource Page Maintained by Bruce Walsh and Mike Lynch

Ecology - A clearing house of information on Ecology.

Statistics and statistical genetics - Various software packages

OMIM (On-line Menelian Inheritance in Man) - Information about various human traits and diseases.

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