James D. Berger

berger.jpg (7781 bytes) Professor,
Department of Zoology UBC
A.B. (Hon.), A.M., Ph.D., Indiana 
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Indiana (1969-70)

Past President, Society of Protozoologists

Research Interests  - Regulation of Cell Cycle in Ciliates - Protistology

Selected Publications Our latest: Cyclins and their CDK partners in Paramecium and A Novel Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Homologue Associated with Cytokinesis in Paramecium tetraurelia

NSERC Operating Grant Proposal Cell cycle Regulation in Ciliates

Teaching 1999/2000 Academic Year

Biology 200 Section 104 Cell Biology I
Biology 332 Protistology Term 1 and 2

Biology Program Guide Undergraduate Program Advising Document

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Hong Zhang (Ph.D. student)