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Our laboratory researches how the insulating glial sheath develops to wrap and insulate the nervous system. Our research addresses an important question - How do glial cells wrap, insulate and protect the nervous system. These processes are important as loss of glia disrupts nervous system function and leads to a range of diseases.

We use the model system Drosophila melanogaster to study how glial cells develop, wrap and insulate to protect the peripheral nerve and to create the blood-nerve barrier. We also study the junctions that create a permeability barrier between cells and where three cell junctions meet - a specialized area called the tricellular junction.

Our Research Projects

1. Glia Development: Our current research is focused on glia-glia and glia-ECM interactions during glial sheath formation.

2. Gliotactin and the Tricellular Junction: Our current reseach is focused on how Gliotactin is regulated by miRNAs, kinases and how Gliotactin links tricellular junctions to septate junctions.

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We are located in the Life Sciences Center at the University of British Columbia Vancouver campus.


2350 Health Sciences Mall

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

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Phone: +1 604 822 1977

Email: auld@zoology.ubc.ca