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Zoology Vehicles are to be driven only by Zoology Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students on University Business.
Drivers must have a valid driver's license
(see ICBC guidelines http://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/moving-bc/Pages/Moving-from-another-country.aspx) and are liable for any damage.
Vehicles are not to be used for off-road trips.

Vehicles are only allowed to be driven within BC.

When booking a zoology vehicle, please follow these steps:

1) Book your vehicle on this page, below
2) Print and complete the vehicle authorization form HERE, have it signed by a PI. This form is required for key pickup.
3) Bring signed vehicle authorization form to Shipping/Receiving obtain the keys to your vehicle.
4) Inspect the vehicle for damage, and report any damage observed
5) Use and return your vehicle
6) Inspect the vehicle for any damage that may have occurred during the trip, report any damage observed
7) Fill in your Zoology Vehicle Use Form HERE
8) Print and sign the form filled out in Step 7
9) Bring your signed form, gas receipts, and keys back to Shipping/Receiving.

February 2020 - Zoology Vehicles - Blue Toyota Truck