Silu Wang

Ph.D. student
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    H.B.Sc. Behavior, Genetics & Neurobiology, Applied Statistics, University of Toronto;M.A. Ecology, Evolution & Behavior, Computer Science, University of Texas, Austin

Werner and Hildegard Hesse Research Award in Ornithology

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Postgraduate Scholar ship D (PGS D) NSERC

For Research
Aggressive behaviours, food deprivation and the foraginggene
Royal Society Open Science 4: 170042
Wang S. & M. B. Sokolowski
Coevolution of male courtship and sexual conflict characters in mosquitofish
Behavioral Ecology. 26:1013-1020
Wang S. Cummings M. E. & Kirkpatrick M. A
Plasticity of the mate choice mind: courtship evokes choice-like brain responses in females from a coercive mating system
Genes, Brain and Behavior. 13:365-375
Wang S.M.T. Ramsey M. & Cummings M. E