Invited Speakers




Education speaker on Friday night:

Dr. Patricia Shulte Click here for Dr. Shulte’s talk
Professor in the Department of Zoology; Director of the Carl Wieman Science Initiative for Life Sciences Departments

Biological speaker for Saturday’s banquet: 

Dr. Amanda Vincent
Professor, Fisheries Centre & Zoology; Director & Co-founder, Project Seahorse

Dr. Amanda Vincent is driven by a determination to protect our oceans. As well as tackling research on pressing problems, Dr. Vincent also mobilizes conservation action to improve the status of marine species and habitats.  Given that there is no such thing as perfect advice, she is keen to act on the best available information, making recommendations in the spirit of adaptive management. She works to tell good news stories, always seeking solutions that generate optimism and action by the largest possible number of people.  Dr. Vincent and her Project Seahorse team have made measurable gains in marine conservation, with encouraging outcomes and impacts from their work.

Dr. Patricia Shulte is highly rated teacher in the Biology Program.  In her role as Life Science Director for the CWSEI she has been central to implementing peer discussion and interactive activities, such as clicker questions with peer discussion, worksheets, case studies, learning activities, and invention activities, in core courses.

The work in her laboratory is integrative, using approaches including molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, genomics, population genetics, and evolutionary biology to address the question: what are the physiological adaptations that allow animals to live in particular environments?