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Biomechanics is a branch of physiology that applies engineeringprinciples to biological systems. Research in this field is multidisciplinary:studies range from looking at the genetic code and molecular organization ofbiopolymers, to looking at the consequences that materials and structures haveon an organism's survival.

Our lab is primarily concerned with biomaterials, a branch of biomechanicsthat investigates the mechanical function of biological materials andstructures. We apply stresses to materials to determine mechanical propertiessuch as stiffness, strength and toughness. The two primary areas of research inour lab are:

1. The functional role of elastic energy storage systems in thecardiovascular dynamics and locomotor mechanics of animals.

2. The molecular and morphological basis of functionally importantmechanical properties in biological materials.

Research Topics

Arterial Elastin
Spider Silks
Jellyfish Swimming
Hagfish Slime
Fish Skin

Members of the Biomaterials Lab

Professor John M. Gosline , Lab Supervisor

MargoA. Lillie (Research Associate) Douglas Fudge (PhD Student) Tara Law (PhD Student)
William Megill (PhD Student) Christine Ortlepp (MSc Student) Ken Savage (Ph.D. Student)
Paul Guerette, Ph.D. (Post doc)

Links to Former Students

Mario Kasapi, Ph.D.


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