Sarzana Hossain

I’m interested in studying plant-microbe interactions from a molecular ecology and evolutions lens. Particularly, I want to explore the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of microbial communities under different host background as selection environments, and understand how they affect individual or microbial community adaptation. I am co-advised by Cara Haney.


Chen, M.Y., Fulton, L., Huang, I., Liman, A., Hossain, S.S., Hamilton, C., Song, S., Geissmann, Q., King, K.C., Haney, C.H. 2024. Order among chaos: high throughput MYCroplanters can distinguish interacting drivers of host infection in a highly stochastic system. bioRxiv.
Wang, N.R., Melnyk, R.A., Wiesmann, C.L., Hossain, S.S , Chi, M., Martens, K., Haney, C.H. 2022. Commensal Pseudomonas fluorescens protect Arabidopsis from closely related Pseudomonas pathogens in a colonization-dependent manner. mBio e02892-21.
Liu, Z.X., Hossain, S.S., Moreira, Z. P. M., Haney, C. H. 2021. Putrescine and its metabolic precursor arginine directly promote biofilm and c-di-GMP synthesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Journal of Bacteriology 204.

Melnyk, R. A., Hossain, S.S., Haney, C. H. 2019. Convergent gain and loss of genomic islands drive lifestyle changes in plant-associated bacteria. ISME. 13: 1575–1588.

Liu, Z. X., Beskrovnaya, P., Melnyk, R. A., Hossain, S. S., Khorasani, S., O’Sullivan, L.R., Wiesmann, C. L., Bush, J, Richard, J. D., and Haney, C. H. 2018. A genome-wide screen identifies genes in rhizosphere-associated Pseudomonas required to evade plant defences. mBio. 9:e00433-18


2021  M.Sc. University of Toronto
2018  B.Sc. University of British Columbia


2023  NSERC Post-graduate Scholarship
2022  4YF Award