Samuel Greenrod

I’m a 2nd year DPhil student on the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP. My research focuses on the impact of temperature on interactions between bacteria and their viral parasites, bacteriophages.


2021 MBiol Biotechnology and Microbiology, University of York – 1st Class
2018-2019 Erasmus placement, Aarhus University, Denmark


Greenrod, S.T.E., Stevens, E.J., Hector, T.E., Johnson, S., MacLean, R.C., King, K.C2024. Warming alters life history traits and competition in a phage community. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 0: e00286-24.
Wang J, Raza W, Jiang G, Yi Z, Fields B, Greenrod S.T.E., Friman V-P, Jousset A, Shen Q, Wei Z. 2023. Bacterial volatile organic compounds attenuate pathogen virulence via evolutionary trade-offs. The ISME journal 17: 443–452.
Greenrod, S.T.E., Stoycheva, M., Elphinstone, J., Friman, V.-P. 2022. Global diversity and distribution of prophages are lineage-specific within the Ralstonia solanacearum species complex. BMC Genomics 23.
Alderley, C.L., Greenrod, S.T.E., Friman, V.-P.. 2022. Plant pathogenic bacterium can rapidly evolve tolerance to an antimicrobial plant allelochemical. Evolutionary Applications 15.
Tregenza, T., Rodríguez-Muñoz, R., Boonekamp, J….. Greenrod, S.T.E., ….Bilde., T. 2021. Evidence for genetic isolation and local adaptation in the field cricket Gryllus campestris. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 34.


2021 Royal Society of Biology Project Prize
2021  Microbial Genomics Most Promising Science Poster Prize, Microbiology Society Conference