Dr. Judy Li

E-mail: jingdi.li@biology.ox.ac.uk
My research focuses on how temperature and microbiome-mediated protection can both impact pathogen infection


Li, J.D., Gao, Y.Y., Stevens, E.J., King, K.C. 2024. Dual stressors of infection and warming can destabilize host microbiomes. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Accepted
Li, J.D., Bates, K.A., Hector, T.E., Hoang, K.L., Knowles, S.C., King, K.C. 2023. Experimental temperatures shape host microbiome diversity and composition. Global Change Biology 29, 41-56.
Hector, T.E.*, Hoang, K.L.*, Li, J.D., King, K.C. 2022. Symbiosis and host responses to heat. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 37, 611-624.
Lu, H.M., Li, J.D., Zhang, Y-D., Lu, X-L., Xu, C., Huang, Y., Gribskov, M. 2020. The evolution history of Fe-S cluster A-type assembly protein reveals multiple gene duplication events and essential protein motifs. Genome Biology and Evolution 12,160-173


2024 DPhil, University of Oxford
2020 Trainee, European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge UK.
2020 MRes in Biology, Northwestern Polytechnical Institute, China.
2017 BSc in Biotechnology, Northwestern Polytechnical Institute, China.


2020 Pembroke College Oxford Graduate Access Award
2017 First Prize scholarship for MRes studies
2014 Scholarship for Undergraduate studies