Dr. Antoine Filion

E-mail: afilion90@gmail.com
I am an ecologist working at the interface of community and landscape ecology. Specifically, I am passionate about investigating human impacts on wild multi-species systems using a field and remote sampling approach combined in an advanced statistical framework. The goal of my project is to understand the impact of avian hosts phylogenetic diversity and anthropogenic drivers on avian malaria lineages diversity.


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2022 PhD Disease Ecology, University of Otago, New Zealand 
2017 MSc Freshwater Ecology, UQTR, Quebec, Canada 
2015 BSc (honours), UQTR, Quebec, Canada


2022 IsoEcol funds for invited plenary speaker 
2022 New Zealand Department of Conservation grant 
2021 Manaaki Whenua-Landcare research funds 
2019 Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust research funds 
2018 University of Otago doctoral scholarship 
2017 Excellence in master’s degree grant 
2015 NSERC-CREATE grant for graduate study 
2015 NSERC-CREATE grant for honours project