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Textbook Information

Required: Griffiths et al An Introduction to Genetic Analysis 8th Edition.

We have adopted the latest edition of the world's most used Genetics textbook, which has been updated and expanded to include recent advances in the ever-changing field of Genetics. Some of the material found in this textbook is not included in Modern Genetic Analysis (1st or 2nd ed) and you should not attempt to substitute MGA for IGA. The problem assignments will be from the new text. You can borrow my text if you want to photocopy the questions assigned from each chapter.

The textbook is being sold alone as well as in a shrink-wrapped version (depending on stock) which includes the solution manual. Always make sure you give each problem an honest attempt before consulting the solution manual (24 hours is a good rule-of-thumb). The price for the shrink-wrapped version will save you some $$$ so consider it before you spend any of your hard earned dollars.

The textbook also comes with a CD which has some excellent animations of various cellular processes which you can run on your computer at home, in the ZooLab or in my office (Biosc 2519). If you buy a second hand copy it may not include the CD-rom in which case you can come and borrow one from me.

If you need any help determining which questions are assigned, etc., please see Craig in the Help Centre (Bioscience 2519).


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