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Biology 334 Assessment

       The course assessment consists of two major components: exams and tutorials.

The exam portion includes two midterms and the final exam.

The two midterm exam dates are indicated on the course outline.  There are no provisions for missed exams and any missed midterm(s) without proper documentation results in 0% assigned to this portion of the exam component .

The final exam is scheduled by the Registrar and tentative final exam schedules are usually posted towards the end of October.  A missed final exam, for any reason whatsoever, must be reported to Academic Advising or the Dean of Science Office.  If Standing Deferred (SD) status is obtained by the student, the Registrar will schedule the exam during the SD exam period which is usually late July to early August.

The tutorial portion of the course assessment consists of biweekly quizzes which must be written in  the student's registered tutorial section.   One extra quiz is availabe for students to obtain maximum credit for this component of the course grade as described in detail in the course outline.  No other provisions are made for missed tutorial quizzes.


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