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Welcome to the Evolution Discussion Group (EDG) at the Zoology Department of the University of British Columbia.

We meet at 12:00 noon on Fridays in Biodiversity room 224 (the big meeting room on the second floor). Our purpose is to discuss recent research papers in evolutionary biology.

All graduate students, postdocs, and faculty interested in evolutionary biology are welcome. Feel free to bring your lunch.

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Paper choosers: Please avoid selecting papers from Nature, Science, and PNAS.

Current schedule

Date Presenter Paper
14 Jan Leithen M'Gonigle Servedio 2011 Limits to the evolution of assortative mating by female choice under under restricted gene flow. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 278: 179-187.
21 Jan Jon Mee Jeukens et al. 2010 The transcriptomics of sympatric dwarf and normal lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis spp., Salmonidae) divergence as revealed by next-generation sequencing. Molecular Ecology 19: 5389-5403.
28 Jan Kate Ostevik Rosenblum and Harmon 2010 "Same same but different": replicated ecological speciation at white sands. Evolution in press. doi: 10.1111/j.1558-5646.2010.01190.x.
4 Feb Kathryn Turner Michel et al. 2011 Quantitative analysis of culture using millions of digitized books. 331: 176-182. (Supp. Mat.)
11 Feb Diana Rennison Rundus et al. 2010 Females are choosier in the dark: environment-dependent reliance on courtship components and its impact on fitness. Evolution 65: 268-282.
18 Feb Spring break
25 Feb Rich FitzJohn Rice et al. 2010. The evolution of sex-specific grandparental harm. Proceedings B 277: 2727-2735.
4 Mar Josh Zukewich Koelle et al. 2010 A two-tiered model for simulating the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of rapidly evolving viruses, with an application to influenza. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 7: 1257-1274.
11 Mar Laura Southcott Fuller and Noa 2010 Female mating preferences, lighting environment, and a test of the sensory bias hypothesis in the bluefin killifish. Animal Behaviour 80: 23-35.
18 Mar Thor Veen Prager and Anderson 2010 Convergent evolution of red carotenoid coloration in widowbirds and bishops (Euplectes spp.). Evolution 64: 3609-3619.
25 Mar Carla Crossman Hoch 2009 Adaptive plasticity of the penis in a simultaneous hermaphrodite. Evolution 63: 1946-1953.
1 Apr Dave Toews Mueller et al. 2001 Identification of a gene associated with avian migratory behaviour. Proceedings B in press.

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