Biology 332 - Protistology Term 2 - 2006-7

Biology 332 - Essay Prospectus.

The next step in preparation of your essay this term is to develop a formal prospectus. This is a brief synopsis of your paper that includes the following:

Title - Title of the essay. The title should give a bit more information than the general topic. It should, in a few words convey something of the approach that you will take to the subject.

Abstract - This is a brief synopsis of your paper indicating both the material to be covered and your point of view. The thesis of your essay and the manner in which the argument will be developed need to be clearly presented. Note that an abstract is not just a summary of the facts, but allow the reader to get a sense of where the paper will be going. Abstract should not be longer than about half a page, double spaced.

Outline - Sections of the paper in order and their relation to each other. A sentence outline is often the most helpful form.

Annotated Bibliography - List five or six of the best sources and indicate briefly (a few sentences at most) what information is contained in the source and how it is useful for your paper. You do not have to have read everything in detail by this stage, but must have read enough to know what is in the sources.

Documentation Use the Name and date documentation system. Click here if you have any doubt.